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Tyler woman wins Publishers Clearing House

By Reid Kerr - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - When her husband Charles opened the envelope from Publishers Clearing House yesterday, Kimberly Wideman didn't believe what he told her.

"It's been kind of a standing joke with our family," Wideman said. "I always say I'm going to win, so I kind of gave my husband a hard time yesterday when he called me."

"I just thought he was playing a joke on me."

It's no prank, and she has the registered letter to prove it. On Kimberly's very first time to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, Kimberly won one of their prizes.

"Out of two millions entrants, there's 211 left. Two hundred and ten will win a small prize, and one will win the million dollars."

Right now she's won at least a thousand dollars, and still has a chance at the big prize. She admits that possibility, and what it would mean for her kids, kept her up last night.

"I've been a little anxious," Wideman admits. "I'm just thinking about the reality of how that would change my family. With three sons, being able to put their college money up and not worry about that would be wonderful."

Her family also has health concerns.

"My husband's been on dialysis for a little over two years. His health is much better now, but he has six or seven medicines he takes every month. That would be a burden off us, to be comfortable with that."

With very practical dreams, Kimberly and her family wait for word Thursday. Whatever prize she wins, she's grateful for the opportunity.

"If we win, that's a blessing and we're thankful for that. If we win the thousand, we'll pay the light bill. Either way, we've been blessed."

Kimberly will find out tomorrow just how much of a winner she is. With prizes of ten thousand dollars or more, the famous PCH Prize Patrol Van will deliver the check personally.

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