Outdoor Workers Brave the Cold

East Texans with outdoor careers are finding a way to make it through the cold.

"Thanks sir, have a good day," says Wally Johnigan, a Brookshire's courtesy employee.

Wally Johnigan has a little extra get-up in his step today.

"Well it's cold," says Wally. "And all we're trying to do is keep moving and keep warm."

Today, sacking groceries on the inside just may be the most pleasant part of Wally's job as a Brookshire's courtesy employee.

"You're talking to the customers. It's just a good time to get out of the cold."

The brief breaks from the elements are nice, but Wally is a pro. He came prepared for 20-degree weather.

Reporter says, "I see one, two, three, four layers of clothes. How many layers do you have on?" Wally answers, "Four, yes ma'am you counted right."

And the East Texas workers braving this blustery wind are doing it all in 32 degree weather.

"We stay warm by moving around. You stay active," says Warren Grant. "Your body temperature rises it will keep you warm."

And that's particularly important for Warren Grant and everyone at Big Man's car wash since they dare to work with water when its cold.

"We talk to eachother to keep the other one from getting wet. He was going up top so I stepped out of the way."

Another way Warren manages to stay warm when he's detailing a car is by wearing the right kind of clothes and a lot of them.

Long John's, a couple of t-shirts, a wind suit and a toboggan..... he has them all on.

"It keeps me warm all day. Sometimes I'll even sweat."

"As long as we keep our customers happy, I'm happy."

So when the day's done, both workers agree their jobs aren't about how cold or hot it is.

"No matter how cold it is, we're gonna be here to treat our customers right."

Dana Dixon Reporting