Two-a-Day Tour: Tyler Lee Red Raiders

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - There is no mistaking what is going on at Lee practice.

You can hear it from across the field.

When head coach Mike Owens lays on the bullhorn, everyone knows what is going on.

"They might be intimidated by it," said Owens, "but it is just to make sure that we are all on the same page."

The players don't mind the sound, the high pitched shreek...means a break is soon to follow.

"I like to hear it. I mean, cause I know when I hear it, I hear a break, but it's cool," said offensive lineman Derrick Dunn, "t's not annoying at all."

"We always know what we're doing. I mean, nobody just has to pay real close attention," said defensive end Patrick Howard, "you hear that beeping noise, you know it's almost time for a break."

The Raiders are coming off a sub-par year, by Lee standards, that ended with a 2nd round loss to Garland.

"I felt that last year we had a team that could go at least four rounds," said Owens, "but we got tripped up, and the kids have not forgotten."

"I like where we are at," said Howard, "we have speed, we have size, and we know that we dont want to end this year like we did last year."

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