Crash survivor grateful to be alive

By Taylor Hemness - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Clayton Allen died Friday at a Tyler bus stop, when police say a tow-truck lost its load and slammed into the bench where he was sitting. But Allen was not alone at the bus stop when this terrible accident happened. Bruce Williams was sitting right next to him. Still recovering from his injuries, he spoke with KLTV 7, telling us what he can remember about the accident that almost killed him.

Bruce Williams hasn't slept much since Friday. He says severe headaches are keeping him awake. He also has some cuts and bruises, and a boot on his leg to help him walk. But he knows he got lucky.

"Should be dead. could be dead i mean, but the Lord's got plans for me," Williams said.

Williams remembers the tow truck pulling into traffic, and thinking that it was pulling an awfully large load. He also remembers the moment he knew something was wrong.

"The minute that I heard things popping, it made me look up, and when I looked up it was already there."

The next thing he knew, Williams was pinned under a truck. He looked over, and knew that Clayton Allen was gone.

"I seen all the blood and stuff on his face, so I knew he was dead. I thought I was dead," Williams said. "I dragged my weight from under the truck, and when I came out, I just rolled."

Williams says his memory is in pieces... the paramedics cutting his clothes off, waking up in the ambulance, then again in the hospital. But before any of that, he remembers a good samaritan.

"She was just driving by. Nice young lady named Natalie. She was just one of those concerned type people that jumped out of her car and ran over there."

The young woman held Bruce's head, and told him to be still because the paramedics hadn't arrived yet. Hours later, he was being released to go home, but his ordeal wasn't over yet.

"By the time we got back here to Jacksonville, I limped into the restroom, and passed out. My mom had to come in there, but they couldn't get me up off the floor. And they had to call the ambulance again, to come out here and get me," Williams said.

Williams says he doesn't have health insurance, but that his employer has told him to take as much time off as he needs. In the meantime, he says he'll be grateful that he's still alive, and that he was able to give Clayton Allen one last moment of kindness.

"We drunk a soda together. I walked over to the Super One gas station, and got a Mountain Dew for him, and a Coke. As soon as I came back, he was rolling a cigarette, and that's when it all happened."

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