No More "Camp Cupcake."

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (KLTV) - Hitting, catching, and running, sometimes training camp can get a little boring.

Not if you are a Dallas Cowboy.

"Everyday feels like a game," said wide receiver Sam Hurd, "like I keep saying, everyday is excitement, it is like running out of the tunnel for game time, you want to put your helmet on, strap up and just come out screaming "AHHHH" and lets go, it is game time every time the come around."

Thousands of fans cheering on the Cowboys like it was the mid-season, and even the simplest of plays can make the Alamodome rock.

"We know we are at home when we come here, and that really is the reason that we are here," said owner Jerry Jones.

"It is neat, I think that the cowboys fans are bar none the best out there and are so loyal and to be 5 hours away from Dallas and still here, it is a humbling experience and for me, I just appreciate their support," said tight end Jason Witten.

"There is no better feeling that to have these fans," said Roy Williams, "not only in San Antonio, but across the world, they really love the Dallas Cowboys."

It also feels good to practice everyday inside, with the air conditioning cranked up, but don't tell Cowboys that they are getting off easy.

"It feels like training camp in the legs, the climate might not feel like it, but ask my legs, they will tell you a different story," said Miles Austin.

"It is great in here, and I think the turned the AC off today because I was sweating and I have to check my weight so I don't lose too much," said Hurd, "but it is just a blessing to have a place like this and to be able to use it."

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