Two-a-Day Tour: John Tyler Lions

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - When you visit John Tyler practice, you know you are in for a tough time.

The Lions practice as a field well below the normal ground level, and is appropriately named, "The Pit."

"We love it down here," said defensive lineman Ashton Dorsey, "it is hot, and we love the heat, it makes us prepared for when we travel to places that are hot, then it is like no big deal to us."

You better not drag either, because inspiration will come your way.

"I have to kick some butt sometimes," said quarterback Jeremy Johnson, "some of the guys want to be lazy and drag, but I just get them going and make sure they are doing it right."

"The Pit" is also a mindset for the Lions, practicing in tough conditions, exactly how the Lions want to play.

"It is a mentality that we want to have, and practicing in a place like this gets us there," said head coach Dereck Rush.

"It makes us ready, we love it, and we want to be rough and tough, and be physical, and practicing in the heat and the humidity, it is perfect," said Dorsey.

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