Caught in action

By Sara Story - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It was a burglary spree, bright and early. Tyler Police said one man hit four businesses along Henderson Highway early Monday morning.

Police said 19-year-old Jonathan Burkett had a very busy morning. He was arrested inside the business, This Old House, and inside his car, police said they found evidence linking him to three more break-ins. The suspect broke in the back window, triggering the alarm system and getting the police and the owner to come running.

"I got a call from Tyler Police Department and they said they had someone in custody. I threw on my clothes and left my breakfast and my coffee sitting and came straight down here," said the owner of This Old House, John Simmons. Burkett reportedly grabbed a digital camera before being stopped in his tracks.

Tyler Discount and Feed was another store hit by the suspect. The owner, Bennie Killion, said he thinks Burkett rammed the front door with his vehicle, and then he was able to pry the door open and enter. Cash and personal items like old coins were taken from the feed store.

Other businesses struck were ABC Auto Sales and tennison automotive.  "Predominately, what he was taking was small items... either electronic items or cash. Something that was easily accessible to himself," said Officer Don Martin, Tyler Police Department public information officer.

Police suggest it is good to have an alarm system if you can afford it. In this case, it paid off.  "This is the last place he hit. The first place with an alarm system and they got him," said Simmons.

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