Caught in action

We're learning new details about an east Texas man, killed in a bizarre freak accident.

47-year old clayton allen was killed friday. He was waiting for a bus on troup highway when a truck on a wrecker came loose, hitting clayton and another man. Tonight, kltv 7's courtney lane sheds some light on just who clayton allen was, and the bus stop safety issues the city is now taking up. Clayton allen went by "shadow" on the streets and was all alone. But plenty of folks, like the ladies at college books by tyler junior college, knew him and tried to help. 4:38 "we took him and got him fixed up, got him shaved, and cleaned up one time and he loved coming over here. He'd sit and stay for hours." [take: vo] {***vo***} flowers mark the scene of the accident, which took his life... And could easily have killed more. Transit officials say there's not much more they can bus stops have to comply with federal guidelines and be accessible for those with disabilities. [take sot outcue: davis] {***sot***} 31:34 "depending on the street, the type of street the right of way is very narrow and you may see bus shelters that are, as long as they're behind the curb that's what we want to make sure of, they always have to be behind the curb." [take: vo] {***vo***} in fact, tyler is about to get a dozen new bus shelters that look like this. [take sot outcue: davis] {***sot***} 32:09 "we've actually had a professional engineer design each of those sites and again looking at right of way and how we can manage to put those shelters in a very safe location." [take: vo] {***vo***} for shadow, it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Deedee hanson wonders what will happen to him now, or any homeless person for that matter, who is killed. [take sot outcue: deedee] {***sot***} 4:51 "it was just very sad. To be in this world and not have anyone." [take: vo] {***vo***} just of the peace, james meredith says smith county does have a contract with a funeral home in van for this type of situation. [take sot outcue: james] {***sot***} 8:11 "to do cremations unless some family or other people come forward wanting to do something. I have had a few phone calls this morning from people concerned about him." it seems east texans are still trying to help.