Gregg County inmate accidentally released, re-arrested

Posted by Reid Kerr - email

GREGG COUNTY (KLTV) - An East Texan is back in jail, almost a week after he was accidentally released.

Fifty-one year-old Jerry Don Nail was awaiting transfer to prison to begin serving a 10-year sentence for a felony DWI conviction. Sheriff's officials say last Tuesday, the jail received a dismissal of a false police report charge against Nail. However, officials say jail staff mistook that dismissal for a dismissal on the felony DWI charge, and let him out.

Kilgore police re-arrested Nail late Saturday night. Gregg County Sheriff Maxey Cerliano told KLTV the employees involved in the incident "were removed from the operational aspect of the jail on Friday, and will undergo internal investigations to identify violations."

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