Two-a-Day Tour: White Oak Roughnecks

By: Coleman Swierc - email

WHITE OAK, TX (KLTV) - It is a defenses worst nightmare.

Four backs, one ball, and a whole lot of movement.

This is White Oak football.

"It is so confusing for defenses," said White Oak running back Jackson McCurdy, "when they see all of those backs and all the mis-direction, it can get really confusing."

The Roughnecks "slot-T" offense can cause fits, and the 'Necks love it.

"We see defenses getting frustrated all the time," said quarterback Connor Sharp, "and when we see that, we know that it is getting to them."

But what about a passing game? White Oak had several games in 2008, that they did not throw the ball, and still charged to a district title.

"We would be so unstoppable if we could throw," said McCurdy, "being a running back, I love getting all the carries, but if we can figure out the passing game, it would be great."

"We have the athletes," said tight end Adam Thompson, "I think that if we get it together, we can dominate."

Until then, the Roughnecks will continue to do what they do best.

"We run, that is it, it is chaotic, but it is what we do, and what we do best."