Protecting Pets from Cold

When you're bundling up to keep warm during this bitter cold spell, don't forget your family pets.

Probably the best prescription for the winter weather, according to the Smith County Humane Society, is to keep your dog or cat inside.

It's still fine to take your pets outside for a walk, but little ones will need a sweater.

Remember, the cold can threaten your pet in many ways.

"One thing that is also really important is to watch that antifreeze.  It's poison to animals and it also is to people to so just make sure you don't have anti freeze around the house."

Here are some other ways to protect your pet. If outdoors, pets must be protected by a dry, draft-free dog house.  Pets also need more food in the winter because keeping warm depletes their energy.  Every several hours, you might want to check your pet's water dish to make sure it's not frozen.

Finally, you can bang the hood of your car before you start it to make sure cats aren't taking shelter near the warm engine.