Celebrating the life of Ann Campbell

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By Philippe Djegal - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Thousands of East Texans paid their respects today to the late, great Ann Campbell.

The funeral took place along the road named after her - Ann Campbell Road. So many people showed up that many were forced to wait outside.

Family and long time friends say she was a kind women who always thought about others before she thought of herself. They say it's no wonder why her son, NFL legend and Tyler native Earl Campbell, who we're told was at the funeral turned out to be such a great man.

"She was strong, sweet. She could sort of fit in with different age groups," said Dorothy Nelson, Ann Campbell's cousin. "It all depends on what age you are - she could just sit down and talk to you."

"She was one of the sweetest persons I ever known,"said Billy Taylor, who played High School football with Earl Campbell. "And, godbless her. . . She'll be looking down on us and smiling on us as she's always done through the years.

Ann's son Earl wasn't the only child cambell raised right. She was quite the mother, raising 10 others. Campbell was 85 years old.

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