Romo growing into role

By: Ryan Peterson - email

San Antonio, Texas (KLTV) -  He's won nearly 70 percent of his starts.  He has more touchdowns passes in a season than Hall of Famer's Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach.  Yet Tony Romo still hears some boos at Cowboys training camp.

"It's all part of playing the position," said Romo.  "You can either handle all the stuff that goes along off the field and handle all the stuff on the field. If you can't you're not going to last very long"

While some Cowboys fans may disagree, Owner Jerry Jones and Head Coach Wade Phillips believe Romo is the guy to win a championship.  They point to added leadership and focus.  Romo didn't miss a single workout this off season.

"The rest of the players look at that," said Phillips.  "If you have anybody slacking off in the off season you say look, Tony Romo's out there working, you need to be out there working."

"When you're the quarterback you're automatically the leader.," said Cowboys Receiver Roy Williams.  "So everybody looks at him like that anyway's. But you don't have to take that extra step to go over the top to be the leader. Just be yourself and everything will be fine"

As Cowboys super bowl winning coach Jimmy Johnson once said, "You can talk the talk. But can you walk the walk."  We'll see in December.

"I sense a different Tony than I was talking to three years ago," said Jones.

"I don't know that there's this big different thing," said Romo.  "It's just a different team and I'm probably a little different player now."