Homemade security

By Sara Story - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - While you're away, burglars will play. The FBI says between July and August, home break-ins are at their highest rate; more than any other month. Some home owners are taking matters into their own hands. But, a simple do-it-yourself project can help you be protected.

About a month ago, Donna Granberry's world was shaken up. She says she was at work when her home was broken into for the second time in a year.

"We have a home security system, the neighbors have dogs," said Granberry. "It's like, what else can we do to secure our home?"

Granberry says she now plans to install a surveillance system in her home.

"And, you feel self assurance knowing that you did it yourself - you saved money," said Granberry.

Believe it or not, an extremely small camera can be used for home surveillance. All you have to do is connect it to a wireless router and you can check it from a remote location. Aaron Lanclos is the manager of CPU Computer Wholesalers and says security camera sales are up. They range in price, from $100 to more than $5,000 and can work with equipment you already have.

"I'd say most home users at least can do it themselves or know someone that can do it for them," said Lanclos.

Tyler police say cameras should not be the only form of protection in a home or office, but if used correctly, they can help.

"If your house gets broken into and you have a recording of it then it is great because now we have a suspect and identification," said Martin.

And, Granberry is confident burglars will strike out next time they target her house.

"Hopefully everybody in the neighborhood will know we have cameras and think 10-15 times before they kick in our back door again!" said Granberry.

Security experts say to make sure your wireless network is secure and protected before you use these web cams. Otherwise, it might be possible for outsiders to watch you.

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