Foundation grants East Texan's wish

By Sara Story - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas teenager has spent her entire life in and out of hospitals fighting a life threatening disease. It was there where she realized her dream of becoming a nurse. Now, her wish has come true, thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation.

It was a round of applause for 13-year-old Lateria Brager as her one true wish was granted.

"I feel like I am really a nurse!" said Brager.

Brager is, like most girls her age, on the outside a happy teen full of smiles. But, on the inside she battles sickle cell anemia.

"She likes to play and help me cook in the kitchen and ask me a whole bunch of questions," said Lelani Radford-Yahaya, Brager's cousin.

U.T. Tyler College of Nursing and wish granters, like Connie Harper, wanted to give her a special day.

"It's priceless," said Harper. "The feeling that you get seeing the smiles and dimples."

The day kicked off with a graduation ceremony where she became an official nurse for the day.

"I got my diploma to be a nurse!" said Brager.

Then, it was off to the lab for training. She listened to nurses, and learned how to give patients shots. The day ended when Brager scrubbed in and made rounds around East Texas Medical Center.

"She just always felt like the nurses were nice to her and she wanted to be a nurse so she could be nice to kids too," said Radford-Yahaya.

"Whether they are going to Disney World or becoming a nurse, it is very rewarding!" said Harper.

Brager's wish is the 80th wish granted by the Northeast Texas Make a Wish Foundation. If you want to learn more about the make a wish foundation, click here.

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