N.F.L.'s strongest man

By: Ryan Peterson - email

San Antonio, Texas (KLTV) -  At six feet six inches tall and 309 pounds, Igor Olshansky can't hide his identity.  Otherwise, he could be a superhero.

"He says, I don't know if he is or not, he says he's the strongest guy in the league," said Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips.  "But I wouldn't doubt him."

Olshansky says the talk started in college.

"Everyone talks about my combine bench press of 43 times of 225 pounds," he said.  "I think that's where they get the rating. I just take pride in stopping the run and being more physical than the guy I line up against."

Being more physical shouldn't be a problem. In college, Olshansky bench pressed 505 pounds.  No one works harder to stay in shape.  He has his own line of nutritional products and studies martial arts.

"I like it for conditioning and hand eye coordination," said Olshansky.  "Things like that and focusing and breathing. I think that's a big part of football."

Olshansky happens to be the oldest player on the Cowboys defensive front.  Super heroes age a lot slower.

"He started football late," said Phillips.  "He didn't start until he was a junior or senior in high school. So he's come on every year and gotten better and better."

"Six years it's unbelievable that he's the oldest guy," said Cowboys Defensive Lineman Marcus Spears.  "He's been in the league six years and I hope you guys aren't as hard as him as me, if he doesn't have 19 sacks it's not a bad season for him."