Two-a-Day Tour: Brownsboro Bears

By: Ryan Peterson - email

You can't coach size, and they don't have any in Brownsboro.

"You know, being small, we make up for it," said lineman Glenn Devlin, "we get tough, that's about it. I mean we work our butts off and get tough, and that's what it takes>"

Yeah, being tough is nice.

But the quarterback did hope to beef up his lineman.

"We go and eat pizza at each others houses and stuff," said Devlin, "you know, we chow down all the time. We just, we just homies."

Yeah, it's not working too well though," said quarterback Zach Bailey, "but they're smart and they're disciplined is what it is."

As one they may seem small.

As a group, they're a brick wall.

"The quarterback don't get touched. We're beast, he don't get touched," said Devlin.

"Oh, we're going to protect them," said another lineman, "Cameron, he can run around us all day, and Zach has all the time he wants to throw, so, we're gonna."

"I can get through anything, I can make my own holes if I have to, but they're going to make holes anyways, so it's going to be all good," said running back Cameron Warren.

"We're not big, and we're not as athletic as a lot of the Crockett," said Bailey, "and the teams we play, but we'll be more disciplined, and uh, more in shape."

"I think we'll go big, it's go big or go home."