"It blew up! Our garage door is in the neighbor's house across the street!"

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It's being called, "miracle on Berkshire Street". A home on the 600 block of Berkshire Drive in Longview exploded just before one Thursday morning. Miraculously, two people managed to escape the home with only scrapes and bruises. Family members of the homeowners are still in disbelief and shock.

"It's so bizarre!" exclaimed Donna Bauder, the victim's daughter. "You can't wrap your brain around the fact that somebody survived this."

Bauder still can't believe her brother and 83-year-old mother, Dorothy Chandler made it out of their house alive.

"You don't expect to get a call at two o'clock in the morning from your mother saying, 'I need help! My house is blown up!'" said Bauder. "'What do you mean blown up, Mom?' 'It blew up! Our garage door is in the neighbor's house across the street!'"

Donna says her mother was in the bathroom and her brother was in a bedroom when the explosion happened, tearing up their house completely.

"It goes straight to the kitchen, that's where the microwave was and it like blew it straight up," said Bauder.

Chandler and her son, Bill were pinned under debris until fire fighters managed to get them out, and for that she's thankful.

"I'm so proud of y'all," said Chandler. "I feel like hugging everyone of your necks. Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you! God bless everyone of you."

"She would have been sitting in the chair right where the big explosion was," said Bauder. "That was where her lift chair was, where she sat and watched TV, and they wouldn't have survived."

The Chandlers have lived in their home for more than 30 years and even though their foundation has crumbled, they're still strong.

"She will rebound from this and we will go forward and continue to be thankful to God that he performed a miracle last night," said Bauder. "Absolutely!"

Several homes in the neighborhood also suffered minor damage because of the explosion. Right now, the chandler's are staying with relatives.

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