Neighbors say explosion felt like earthquake!

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A Longview home exploded early Thursday morning. The blast happened in the 600 block of Berkshire Drive. There were two people inside when it happened. Amazingly, they are alright. Fire investigators say the explosion may have been the result of propane tanks that were in the garage.

"Her house just absolutely exploded," said Jim Cary, a neighbor. "We had no idea what happened. We jumped up and we saw windows broken."

Cary lives right next door to the home that blew up. He says it was like a earthquake.

"I've been in earthquakes," said Cary. "The house just shook big time, but it was so quick it was boom. It broke all the windows on the front side of the house. It did a lot of damage to our roof. It cracked the ceilings."

Cary's neighbors, 83-year-old Dorothy Chandler, and her son, Bill, were trapped, pinned under debris, still inside the house.

"I thought of really going into the house, but there was no way," said Cary. "The way the roof came down. I was afraid I would do more damage and hurt their ability to get out by trying to get in."

Brandon Thornton lives two houses down.

"Honestly, I thought from looking at the damages there's no way anybody would have survived," said Thornton. "Fortunately, when I was checking on them and I yelled, they both said they were fine. Apparently, they had been in a bathroom when the explosion had occurred."

The power of the explosion left several homes in the neighborhood with extensive damage.

"The garage door actually flew into the neighbors yard and our other neighbor over here," said Thornton. "The force was so great that it not only blew out all of her front windows, but it blew her front door open as if someone would have kicked her door."

The good news is no one was hurt and for Chandler and her son, it's practically a miracle. Fire investigators say it could take days for them to figure out if the propane tanks are indeed the exact cause of the explosion.

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