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New Health Resources Portal Launches on Longview Regional Medical Center’s Web Site

Longview, TX - Today, more than 80 percent of all Internet users search for health information online. To continue to be a resource for even more powerful and useful information, Longview Regional Medical Center recently launched a new Health Resources portal on its Web site at

Offering a collection of more than 30,000 health tools, stories and topics, this improved Health Resources portal is designed to provide the information people are looking for in a multitude of engaging ways.

In addition to more traditional offerings like a Health Encyclopedia and Wellness Library, the Health Resources Portal offers podcasts, videos, animations and other interactive tools. There's even a Spanish section with a wide range of information for the Spanish-speaking population.

"We know people are looking online for health information and we want this new Health Resources portal to be a valuable resource for our community," says Kim Brown, Director of Marketing for Longview Regional. "We will continually update this content and build more and more links from other parts of our site to provide the information that interests our community."

The new Health Resources portal at now offers:

  • Multimedia tools like podcasts, video clips, health wizards and animations.
  • A Wellness Library with hundreds of regularly updated feature articles on popular health topics.
  • Topic-focused Health Centers to cover specific conditions like asthma, cancer, heart disease and pregnancy. There's also a wide range of information covering lifestyle topics like fitness, nutrition and stress management.
  • Rotating feature articles automatically refreshed throughout the day.
  • A News Center that offers daily news feeds, FDA alerts and more.
  • A Comprehensive A-Z Condition Search that makes it easy for consumers to research health information.
  • A Diseases and Conditions Encyclopedia that includes thousands of adult and pediatric searchable topics.
  • A Tests and Procedures Encyclopedia that provides useful reference information.
  • A Drug Reference Guide that includes the ability to check for potential drug interactions, as well as search for medications by name or description.
  • An Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements reference guide to help with self-care decisions.
  • Healthy Recipes organized by clinical categories such as low-salt and heart healthy.
  • Nutrition Facts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • Prevention Guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.
  • Spanish content to reach Spanish-speaking audiences.


A Guide to Multimedia Tools on the Health Resources Section:


Podcasts are digital audio files consumers can tune in to - whenever or wherever they wish - through their computers, iPods or MP3 players. The site offer podcasts on the most common diagnostic and surgical tests and procedures to help consumers understand and prepare appropriately.



When consumers have health questions or concerns, we can now provide trustworthy answers through comprehensive health video presentations. Produced by Wired.MD, an industry leader in online health videos, the high-quality, streaming videos demystify leading health issues and empower consumers to take charge of their health and that of their loved ones. The video library covers many current health topics - ranging from cardiac stress tests to colon cancer screening - with many available in Spanish.


Using easy-to-understand digital animation, these fascinating presentations demonstrate how the organs and structures of the human body function and present information on a variety of procedures, conditions and diseases.

Clinical Wizards

Compelling and empowering, Clinical Wizards lead consumers through an interactive experience that educates them about a specific condition. These multimedia files combine text, audio and video and/or animation with decision logic to enable users to assess their own risk for various diseases such as breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. The Pregnancy Wizard even allows women to view a multimedia explanation of their personal milestones based on their expected due date.

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