Dangerous Fat

No one wants to gain weight, but losing weight isn't always easy.

"Is diet and exercise fun? No. I don't find anything fun about," says Marva Oliver.

But without it, women are putting themselves in danger because of an invisible fat. Donald Kovach of ETMC calls it internal fat.

"Internal fat is the fat on the inside layers of your stomach muscles. It's around your organs and it build us and will typically extend your stomach where you expand out," says Kovach.

You have internal fat when you carry your weight around your stomach, or if you have a body type commonly referred to as apple shape.

Marva Oliver has been that way her entire life.

"I was doomed for it. I've got weight, my mother had the weight, she's got everything I have."

Research shows internal weight around your middle can dramatically increase your chances of get high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Marva was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure in 1996 -- just like all the other women in her family.

The only way to get rid of the fat is diet and exercise -- at least 5 times a week for about 45 minutes a day.

Something Marva's taken to heart.

"It helped control the diabetes, blood pressure is coming down. Haven't lost much weight but we're going to get there," she said.

You may not see a lot of movement on the scale when burning this fat ... But researchers say you'll see it in healthy years.