Cheap Eats: Are you full yet?

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - For my first stop, I went to a small town that's making a big Cheap Eats name for itself. Set right in downtown Overton, Granny's aims to cook just like your own. With a little lettuce and a little cheese it was ready to go. A chicken strip wrap with fries and a fountain drink is right on the money at $5.

Next up, I ended up at a spot offering a deal of heavenly proportions. Every Wednesday at Church of the Nazarene, lunch is served. Using the honor system, money is placed in a basket, a small price for what lay ahead.

"We just want to fill the people up," said Dottie Petty. "Get full! Come and get full."

With a salad bar and a buffet line, getting full was easy. Customers enjoy good food benefiting the church.

"We do this to raise funds for our children's department," said Petty. "We send them to church camp in the summer."

I took a lap through the line and watched my plate fill up. I got a salad, dessert, and a filling main course all for a good cause for just $5.

My final stop found me back in Overton. La Cocina Mexican Restaurant was the spot. I headed inside to be greeted by a smile and a Spanish frog...nice. Crashing the party in the kitchen I spotted the free chips given to every customer. I followed my nose to simmering goodness. They delivered an enchilada, beans, rice and a drink. It takes the prize of Cheap Eats champion at $4.98.

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