Girl Scout or Walmart cookies? You decide.

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Walmart has recently come out with a Great Value brand of Thin Mints and Tagalong cookies. Walmart says they are just providing customers with a high-quality, better priced alternative. But, Girl Scouts and parents say it crosses the line.

"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?" asked the young girl.

But, now Americans may opt for the Great Value knock-offs Walmart is selling a dollar cheaper.

"I know we all like a good buy...but regardless when Girl Scout cookie season comes along in January, I feel confident people will still buy them from the girls," said Joyce Brown, with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas.

They remain optimistic and say they have a great relationship with our local Walmarts. But, some of the girls and their parents already feel a bit discouraged.

"Now, it won't be so exciting," said Girl Scout, Taylor Garlow.

"We kind of, like, invented Girl Scout Cookies and it's something that we look to whenever like all year round," said Madison Starr.

"They're not going to be, like, a holiday or some sort of thing you get once a year," said Makencie Garlow. "Nobody's going to want to buy them 'cause they're all year round."

The girls sell their cookies for $3.50 a box. Walmart's are priced at $2.38. But, proceeds from the Girl Scout's go towards trips and community projects.

"Some people just buy them to give to the troops," said Taylor Garlow. "I think the troops are really thankful for it."

"They're an organization," said Cyndi Starr, a cookie mom. "They're not a's like taking candy from a baby. You're taking the cookies from the Girl Scouts. How can you do that?"

These moms just hope it doesn't crumble their efforts.

"I hope that they're not nearly as good as Girl Scout Cookies," said Marsha Miller. "But, I'm really kind of shocked that they would even attempt such a thing. This is our only fundraiser."

"If anything, it might give them a little more spunk to sell," said Brown. "I mean, Girl Scouts against Walmart? The Girl Scouts might win."

We asked a local Walmart to comment on this, but they did not return our call. They did, however, give us a statement, "Our Great Value product line offers customers familiar tastes and high quality products at affordable prices." They go on to say "Walmart supports the Girl Scouts at the grassroots level through cookie sales in front of our stores, local fundraising efforts and donations."

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