Not your Normal Dose of a Kicker

By: Joshua White

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KLTV) -- He might not seem like it, but Cowboys kicker David Buehler is one of the stronger guys on the team.

During the NFL combine in February, Buehler impressed scouts by benching 225 pounds a remarkable 25 times, stronger than some linebackers and running backs.

He played some safety in college, which explains why his body doesn't fit the stereotypical kicker's mold.

That experience gives him an edge that most kickers try to avoid during the game: making physical contact with a kickoff returner.

"If some returner pops his head out, I'll be sure to put him down," remarked Buehler.

Despite his physical prowess, Buehler understands that his place with the Cowboys will be on special teams, and not the defense.

"I knew initially coming in that I'd be playing a little bit of special teams and doing kickoff. Kicking off is my main priority. That's pretty much why they got me."

Watch out return teams, the pain train is coming.