How do you save on school supplies? Leave us your tips!

By Jessica Boyd - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - A pen and a piece of paper. When you think back on school it seems like that's all you remember needing - or at least all I remember needing. But, now there are the notes and lists that come in from my child's school letting me know about all the school supplies necessary for the coming year. For example:

Pens (only black or blue, no red or multi-colored)
Glue Sticks (6)
Markers (water soluble only)
X-brand of tissue (3 boxes please)
Crayons (box of 16)
12 inch ruler
7 three hole punch folders
3 ring binder
2 turtle doves
1 partridge in a pear tree

OK...perhaps I'm taking some license. However, there is a lot to buy and, now more than ever, there's less money with which to buy it. So, how is a parent to save besides shopping on the tax free weekend? Leave us your tips in the comments section of this page. And, if you need to know what supplies your school is asking you to pick up for your child click here!

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