The New '81'

By: Ryan Peterson - email

San Antonio, Texas (KLTV) - Cowboys Receiver Mike Jefferson wants to make a name for himself.  That's going to be tough wearing the number 81.  Some Cowboys fans seem to be confused.  Whenever Jefferson makes a catch, someone always seems to yell out "Way to go T.O."  As in Terrell Owens, the former Cowboys receiver known for his number 81.

"Yeah I've been hearing that a lot," said Jefferson.  "Some of the guys has been giving me stuff about that, but you know it's all jokes. I mean, they know where he is, and you know I'm not trying to be another T.O. by any means. I'm my own guy."

Jefferson has looked good at training camp thus far. After two seasons on the practice squad, he hopes to give the number 81 a new name.

"He's ballin' just like him (Terrell Owens)," said Cowboys Receiver Sam Hurd.  "So hey I don't care. Call him T.O., call him Mike Jefferson.  Call him whatever you want, as long as he keeps ballin' like that, it don't even matter."

Jefferson says it's too early to make any comparisons.

"I can still get better," he said.  "There are things that I gotta learn on the offense, and there are still things I can do as far as running routes a certain way, and just getting open and little things like that. I'm just trying to help the team in anyway I can."