91 Year Old Handcrafts Violins

At the age of 66 George Lloyd of Henderson retired.

But instead of taking it easy, he decided to fulfill a lifetime dream .

Now it's 25 years later, and George has sold more than 30 of his celebrated handmade violins.

"I'm 91 years old now and so I've been making them 25 years," says George Lloyd.

George's obsession with violins began in 1921.

"This man came to our town playing one and wanted one myself and we couldn't afford to buy one so my dad told me just make one. I went up to the drugstore and got an apple box and put it on the top of my head. I was ten years old. I only worked on it at night after I had my lessons up. I had to bring my homework up and in the afternoon I had to go down to the market and work in my daddy's meat market."

For three years George whittled away at the wood from his apple box.

But he didn't know the correct dimensions to use.

His first violin was a disappointment.

"It sounded awful. I was expecting it to sound good and it just sounded terrible. Sounded like a tin can. I was real disappointed in it."

"You know I was 20 years old then and I had my mind on something else, like girls. And then I met my wife. We got married and then had a family, course I had to make a living and I didn't have time to fool with the violin," says George.

56 years after building his first violin George retired as a meat cutter, bought a couple of 'how to' books, and that time handcrafted a beautiful working violin.

And yes he plays the violin a little too.

George's violins range in cost from $350 to $750.

If you are interested in buying one of George's violin's you can call him at 903-657-6653.

Amy Tatum reporting