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A Better East Texas: Healthcare Reform Gridlock

The President is taking his healthcare pitch to the people, again.  Despite the parade of interviews with the President and the huge chunk of programming dedicated to informing - attempting to sell - the American people on the healthcare reform plan, the President still does not have the support to get his plan passed.  President Obama has utilized the media - ABC and all the other networks and even PBS to try to drum up support through public opinion polls.  I suppose that a ground swell of public support would get more in Congress on board with the plan.  But it is just not happening and thus it is business as usual in Washington.  The bottom line is that the President does not even have the support of the members of his own party on this issue.  So instead of this plan being embraced by a democratic Congress we have gridlock.  Our own Congressman Louie Gohmert has introduced an alternative healthcare reform plan but up to now it is not getting much traction either.  Perhaps there is a compromise on the horizon but it appears that the only thing that can be agreed upon is that our healthcare system is broke.  As voters we must demand action on this issue and hold congress and the President accountable and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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