From reality TV, to real life job...

By: Ryan Peterson

Posted By: Coleman Swierc

San Antonio, Texas (KLTV) - KLTV 7 Sports Director Ryan Peterson spent a few minutes with "4th and Long" winner Jesse Holly, and asked him about trying to go from reality tv, to NFL wide receiver.

Q - You have probably been asked this a thousand times, what has all of this mean from an unknown to kind of a mini celebrity?

A - "Some body said over there that I was living a dream, I told them that it was exactly right, and that I dont plan on waking up any time soon."

" This is just a tremendous situation, and I am blessed, I really really am, to be here and to have this opportunity and I want to take full advantage of it, so everytime I go onto the field, I am going to give it all I have until the last one blows."

Q - When Michael Irvin says that he thinks you are good enough to make the team, that has to give you confidence doesn't it?

A - "That gives me a great amount of confidence, coming from a hall of famer like Michael, having someone in your corner, pushing you, coaching you, always in your ear, it is just a tremendous asset and again, I am thankful to have him."

Q - Are you tired of the interviews, or do you kind of like it?

A - "I never get tired of it, this is great, this is awesome."