Dreaming of being a Cowboys

By: Ryan Peterson - email

Posted By: Coleman Swierc

San Antonio, Texas (KLTV) - Manuel Johnson grew up in Gilmer dreaming of playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

Now the star is on his helmet, the big question at training camp, is can he keep it there?

"It is tough, there are alot of great receivers out here, and a couple of them have been here for a while," said Johnson, "I am just going to come here and do what I can, I cannot control what the coaches say or what there decision is, I am just going to go out there and try to make plays."

Looking at the map, Johnson would need several big plays, the Cowboys have 11 wide receivers and may only keep 5, the Cowboys drafted Johnson late, and they hope for a steal.

"He can catch the football," said head coach Wade Phillips, "he has really good hands, and again, that is why we looked at him in the draft and why we drafted him where we did and we feel that he has potential."

Johnson has already won over one Cowboy, pretty impressive when a Sooner can turn Texas Longhorn Roy Williams.

"He is a good wide receiver," said wide receiver Roy Williams, "and I hope that he makes the team, he is a Sooner, but he is ok."

"You know, come October 13, 14, whenever that is, you know he wont get no help from me," joked with Williams, referring to the Red River Shootout.

Johnson doesn't want help, just a chance.

"I still feel like I can play with the best of them, I am a confident person in what I do, and I am not cocky, but I am confident, there are a lot of great players out here, and it is going to take a lot on my part to do that, but I am up for it."