Boy helps save couple from burning home

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HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) - An elderly East Texas couple just narrowly escapes from their burning home. It happened just before nine am yesterday morning at a home on old highway 80 near Young Road, east of Hallsville.

The fire started in the bedroom of this trailer home, and quickly spread before fire crews could arrive. The owners Monroe and Dorothy Neal, both in their seventies, were able to escape with the help of an unlikely hero.

The Neals were able to get out of the house due to the efforts of their twelve year old nephew Nathaniel Shannon, who lives in a nearby home.

Nathaniel  saw what was going on and immediately came to his aunt and uncles aid.

"Was someone sleeping and they were going to die, and I didn't want that to happen," says Nathaniel, "I got over here and yelled fire and they came running out of the house."

After the Neals got out, Nathaniel didn't stop, firefighters were not at the scene just yet.

"I decided to undo the water hose run to the back busted out a window and started spraying the best that I could," he says.

His family says Nathaniel often thinks of others before himself.

"I wouldn't trade him for nothing in the world I'm so proud of him he's smart and tried to do what he could do before the fire trucks got here," says Nathaniel father, Roy Shannon.

The home was not a total loss, but it could have been if Nathaniel hadn't taken action. A fund for the Neals has been set up at community bank in Hallsville in the name of Neal fire fund.

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