Hannity In East Texas

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

The Oil Palace in Tyler took a turn to the right Friday night, with the visit of one of the country's most famous conservative commentators.

Sean Hannity spoke to a crowd of roughly three thousand people tonight in a town hall meeting. It's part of his nationwide tour that will include stops in Houston tomorrow night, and Dallas on Sunday. Hannity's views are in strong opposition to President Obama, who he says is all about scaring people.

He told KLTV 7, "America didn't become a great country because the government promised every individual that they were gonna take away every fear that they have in life. And the minute that Americans become fearful, they'll believe the false promises and the false hopes of politicians, that I argue are power hungry, and I think we lose a great part of our heritage, and a great part of what made the country strong, great, and prosperous."

Click On the video to see our interview with Sean Hannity, in it's entirety.

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