What's that you say?

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Every generation comes up with their own slang. And the latest "UCLA College Slang Dictionary" has been released, offering the latest unique vernacular. So, can the average East Texan could make sense of today's college slang?

You can't find phrases like "skrilla," "bromance" and "spit game at" in college textbooks because they're college slang. But, can anyone outside of college understand it?

"What does it mean to 'roll mad deep?'" I asked Brandi Bush.

"Roll mad deep, roll mad deep, never heard of that," she replied.

Take a look in the College Slang Dictionary and you will see "roll mad deep" is a verb that means to go out with a large bunch of people.

Next word on the list? Skrilla.

"[I] have no idea," said Joshua Reeves.

I looked in the dictionary and found that "skrilla" is a noun that means money.

What about bromance? It's also a noun. It describes an extremely close platonic friendship between two males.

I found out "chillax" is a verb that means calm down.

Spit some game at! To spit some game at? Well, that one bothered me right away because the preposition is at the end. I looked it up and found it was a verb. It means to flirt with someone.

Many question the linguistic competency of today's college students.

"These are the people who are going to be taking care of us as we get older and you won't have a clue what they're saying," said Donna Farley.

Knowing these terms could turn even the biggest "newbie" into a "total G," and you can "roll mad deep" and "chillax," provided you don't do it with "didiots," and have plenty of "skrilla."

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