TEA releases annual ratings, East Texas schools rank high

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Just in time for school to start, the Texas Education Agency has released its annual ratings of every public school campus in the state. Because of new standards this year, the schools at both the top and bottom of the rankings have gone up. Lindale ISD is on cloud nine this week, after four of its five campuses were rated as "exemplary" by the Texas Education Agency. That's the highest rating you can get. And, they may be a perfect 5 for 5 after an appeal.

"[We've made an appeal for] our junior high," said Lindale ISD superintendent, Stan Surratt. "We could argue they did a fantastic job as well. We will do an appeal to the TEA, and we think we'll win that appeal, and we'll have five exemplary campuses."

And, Lindale isn't alone in the exemplary category. Several other East Texas districts, including Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, and Whitehouse all had at least two of their campuses recognized as exemplary. The ratings are based primarily on the TAKS test, but also take into account things like the drop-out rate.

The number of schools who got the lowest rating, academically unacceptable, was also up this year. 270 campuses across the state got the distinction, including Hogg and Dogan Middle School in Tyler ISD. We were unable to reach Tyler ISD for comment, but according to the TEA's website, the most common reasons for the rating were unacceptable completion rates, and low science scores. But, problems for schools with high scores like Lindale come in the form of more students coming to the school, which could mean big changes.

"The school board is talking about a bond election," said Surratt. "It's not if we're going to have one, it's when we're going to have one, and that'll be up to the school board, but we are planning to address growth for the future."

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