Thirteen Named "Stars Over Longview"

Being a wife and mother is quite an accomplishment.

But adding a career and volunteer work on top of that and you've just described an extraordinary woman.

Thirteen such women were honored during Longview Regional's annual awards luncheon.

Shelly Fabares, one of the stars of "Coach" and "The Donna Reed Show," was the keynote speaker at Monday's luncheon.

Fabares shared her experiences from her career in Hollywood as well from a recent health crisis.

Two years ago Fabares underwent a liver transplant.

One of the thirteen ladies honored at the "Stars Over Longview" luncheon was Anne Dickson-Goode.

Anne married young and suddenly found herself as her family's sole bread winner.

For Anne Dickson-Goode Monday's award is a symbol of what she has accomplished despite her circumstances.

At the age of 15 she married a young music minister.

"I really didn't think he was that interested in me but he was," says Anne.

Anne's husband was suffering from diabetes.

Within a year of their marriage, at age sixteen, Anne's life took an unexpected turn.

"He had come in from work and had completely lost the vision in one eye. By the end of that month both eyes were gone. And that same month our first child was born," recalls Anne.

Anne remained devoted to her husband despite his blindness.

The couple had two more children.

Then in 1977, he suffered a fatal stroke leaving Anne to raise the children alone.

"When you've never worked you don't know what you can do. I didn't think I was a quitter but I didn't know that I could do anything that anybody would pay for."

Anne worked at local dress shops for years but her passion was flowers.

No one would hire her as a florist, so eventually she and her sister-in-law opened their own shop.

15 years later Anne owns her own store in Gladewater.

"I knew the Lord had a purpose for everything that ever happened to me that he could turn something tragic that I went through into something good and he really has," says Anne.

Anne says she has learned not to take anything for granted..

She says now she takes the time to see the beauty in every part of life.

Amy Tatum, reporting