Grocery shop from home, save time and money

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A new website is offering to cut your grocery costs without even pushing a cart. Named after the helpful Brady Bunch maid, offers cost cutting convenience for your grocery shopping. Set up a profile and pick what items your household uses most. Place an order and get your goods delivered to your front door in less than a week.

"This is marvelous because you don't have to worry about carrying everything from the cart to the car," said grocery shopper, Daisy Billue.

We showed to Billue, explaining how the site breaks down their more than 6,000 item selection by brand, price, or alphabetically.

"That would help because if there are brands you use all the time and you stick with then that makes it easier to find them," said Billue.

Promising lower prices, we put Alice's claims to the test. We checked "her" items against area stores. It provided savings for some, but not all. While Alice doesn't carry perishable items or have the selection of typical grocery stores, the end result is a 4% savings when using the site. Savings, Billue says is more than just financial.

"The overall time and gas and travel and all of those savings, I think, would make a big difference," said Billue.

...leaving the company hoping customers will take a hint from the Brady Bunch, and have everyone needing an Alice.

Alice representatives say if you can't find an item on the website to let them know, new products are added daily. They add iPhone users should be on the lookout for an app in the coming months.

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