Volunteers Continue Search For Missing Man

Saturday, more than a hundred and fifty people joined together, pooling their efforts to search for a man missing for fourteen months.

Sunday, many came right back again.

"It shows a sense of concern for the other family members," ALERT Academy volunteer Brian Cahill says. "We look at it as a service to them because if his body can be found, they can kind of put the whole thing to rest for them."

Cahill and other students of the ALERT Academy returned today, volunteering their weekend to scour the woods in freezing rain.

"Whatever we will find," student Justin Horsman says, "Will be something that hopefully will be meaningful and put a close for the family."

The students, who are trained in disaster relief, searched land and water for any sign of Jimmy Scott. The search is nothing more than a long shot, but a chance that they're glad to take.

"The family's not as alone as they were before we got in town," EquuSearch Director Tim Miller says. "They know people care, and we put 110% effort into it."

Working with EquuSearch and local law enforcement, they covered more than four hundred acres.

"Everybody was here for one reason, and that was to find Jimmy Scott," Miller says. "Unfortunately as of right now, we haven't done that. But it's far from over."

Although no definite trace of Jimmy Scott was found, searchers did find several possible clues which have been sent to a lab for analysis.

Meanwhile, EquuSearch said Sunday evening their search is not over. They will return for another weekend search sometime in the near future.

Reid Kerr reporting.