Soaked, soggy and getting ready for more

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EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Soaked, soggy and getting ready for more. Many parts of East Texas are trying to dry out from heavy rains. In Upshur County, on Highway 259 in Diana, pounding rain made things a little bit tricky on the roads. Fortunately, authorities say no accidents from the rain were reported.

In Marshall, police asked people to stay off the roads all-together. It may have rained outside, but it's the inside of the Texaco Food Mart that has them all soaked out.

"About 7 o'clock this morning it started," said Lara Bergquist, with the convenience store. "It was just raining so hard you couldn't hardly see anything."

Heavy rain doused Highway 59 so much, it made its way inside the store.

"It just kept coming up higher and higher," said Bergquist.

Now, with the help of a broom, it's making its way out.

"I had a good four inches of water in the store, everywhere," said Bergquist. "It was coming in around the walls - 'round the doors. There was no stopping it. I had crickets coming in. I had snakes swimming up to the doors. It was funny."

Funny for them but not for, C&J Carton and Case Tobacco store, right down the road.

"We're loosing business because we're having to close to clean up the mess and it will be hours before we can get back open," said the store's owner, Joyce Champion.

For Champion and her husband, it makes the second time their store has been flooded out. In 2007, the creek next to them overflowed.

"We raised Cain so much about them not keeping the creek clean," said Champion. "As you can see it's not clean again."

The creek isn't the only flood culprit. The Champions blame drivers in front of their store.

"They'll hit that water about 40 miles an hour and it sprays up and over everything," said Champion. "Of course, when it does that, [it] makes the waves come in the store. Makes it worse."

All over Marshall, cars plowed through flood waters. Some got stuck and had to be towed, while others managed to push their vehicles to safety. And, with more rain forecasted, police warn folks to stay home.

"You think I'd be out in this mess?" said Champion. "No, no, I'd be at home."

Flooding was also a big issue Tuesday morning about an hour north of Marshall in the Queen City community in Cass County.

Flooding shut down Highway 59, backing up traffic for several miles for more than an hour. Residents were actually using sandbags to keep the water away. But, the water receded pretty quickly. Highway 59 was re-opened just after 10am.

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