Volunteers Search for Missing Jacksonville Man

A Henderson woman is seeking help outside the boundaries of law enforcement to find her missing brother.

Jimmy Charles Scott (50) disappeared from Plantation Estates in November 2001. Scott's family and friends describe the dilapidated neighborhood off Highway 79 as the perfect place to ditch a body. It's littered with dump sites small wetlands and surrounded by woods.

Scott's sister, Marie Martin, says suspicion has been cast over a few of her brother's neighborhood enemies. Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell says three people questioned in the case obtained lawyers and stopped talking early on.

Sheriff Campbell says cadaver dogs combed Scott's community a week after he disappeared, but found nothing.

Desperate to keep the case alive, Marie Martin, a receptionist at WalMart, called Tim Miller who heads an independent search group in Dickinson, Texas. Miller founded "Texas EquuSearch" in August 2001. The group has 250 core volunteers. Out of 136 searches, they've found 86 bodies.

If you need divers, they have a contact. If you need horses, Miller's on the phone calling local riding groups. He started EquuSearch in memory of his daughter Laura Miller, who was murdered in 1984.

Their next mission--the search for Jimmy Scott--begins Saturday. Despite the case being a year old, Miller remains optimistic.

"We've actually had some success in cases that old," he says. "We're not miracle workers, but our hearts are in it."

An investigator from the Cherokee County Sheriff's office will assist in the search.

Marie Martin says if her brother is not found this weekend, she'll live without closure. But until then, she's keeping her fingers crossed.

"I owe it to my brother to take him home and bury him," she says.

The group is asking for local volunteers, especially those who have four wheelers and horses. If you would like to volunteer, you can call 1-877-270-9500 or you can meet the search team outside the Ramada Inn on Highway 79 in Jacksonville. It starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

   Kerri Panchuk, reporting.