Hummer SUV's Sweep The Country

Ten years ago, it was a major part of the Gulf War. Now, it's the hottest car on the road.

General Motors' Hummer, a smaller version of the military vehicle, has become the fasting selling car in America. It's almost seven feet tall, and almost seven feet wide, and Tyler native Harry Leatherwood loves his.

"I have a Mercedes in the garage," Leatherwood says, "And this drives as smooth or smoother than the Mercedes."

The vehicle debuted in July, and since then they've sold more than sixteen thousand Hummers at about fifty thousand dollars each.

It's the new thing, a completely new vehicle for consumers to buy.

"Corvette brings out a new body style or Cadillac brings out the new Escalade and they're not really changes, they're just changes in body style," explains Chip Clester, general manger of Saturn of Tyler. "This is an absolute new vehicle to what already is a very strong market."

The hummer drives like a luxury car, with enough extras and buttons to keep you at the height of comfort. Of course, a vehicle that weighs over six thousand pounds gives you power, but one big drawback.

"I was pulling a Jeep back from the hunting lease this September," Leatherwood says, "I was going up an overpass in Dallas and I was getting zero miles a gallon."

"So it will drink the gas," he warns. His Hummer gets about ten miles per gallon under optimal conditions.

As far as the Hummer goes, Harry's only other concern is more esoteric.

Suddenly, everybody wants to ride in the Hummer.

"My sons getting his license in July, and he's kind of nibbling on me for it," Leatherwood says.

"But I don't think he's going to get it," he clarifies.

If the Hummer H-2 isn't enough car for you, you can always get the Schwartzenegger sized H-1, which is closer in design to the actual military vehicle. It's bigger, stronger, and costs about a hundred and seventeen thousand dollars.

Reid Kerr Reporting.