Military judge gives personal thank you

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GREGG COUNTY (KLTV) - They are an East Texas group dedicated to making the lives of our service men and women a little brighter. "Operation Appreciation" mails care packages to more than 2,000 troops overseas. So it's no surprise that one of the care package recipients wanted to give a personal thank you of their own.

You can call it an up close and personal, "thank you". Army Reserve Colonel Tom Berg traveled all the way from Houston to First Baptist church in Longview, to show his appreciation.

"The things that are in the care packages are the things we can't get when we're deployed, so  we appreciate those as a reminder of home," said Col. Tom Berg.  "I felt an impulse to thank the people who thought of me and thought of all of the soldiers who were with me."

The volunteers of "Operation Appreciation" sent several care packages to Col. Berg, while serving as a reserve Military Judge in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"It's so special because it's so unexpected, and it shows that people back home are thinking about us and they've not forgotten about us and they care," said Col. Berg.

Margie Litterski heads up the Operation Appreciation in Longview.

"One of the main things that we do is pray for everyone of the troops names on the care packages. Colonel Berg came home safe because of our prayers. I really believe that," said Litterski.

Since 2004, countless East Texas volunteers and churches have packed boxes with socks, snacks, and lots of love for our heroes.

"This stuff comes to you from people you don't even know and its filled with wonderful goodies that you didn't expect.  It just boost your moral. It justifies you being overseas. It's the little things that do count-- they're huge," said Col. Berg.

"Operation Appreciation" recently mailed off 300 boxes to military police who left out of Tyler. They say without the generosity of East Texans they wouldn't be able to send off so many packages.

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