If you see a big hole in your yard...don't step on it!

By Philippe Djegal - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) -  Martha Tyler is no stranger to weird things happening in her backyard.

"I had a beautiful old oak tree right behind you, and lightning struck it and killed it," said Tyler.

That was a few years ago. But, last week, she made another startling discovery. Her lawn was caving in.

"I went and got me some bags of dirt," said Tyler. "And, I had dumped them over in there and kinda tried to stomp it down as best as I could."

As carefully as she could because she has a bad knee. But, her last stomp proved to be a little too hard.

"I was up around this side and my foot went through it," said Tyler.

She was all alone.

"I was pretty scared 'cause thinking of an animal hole still, I thought, 'What if it bites my foot while down in there,'" laughed Tyler.

But, it turns out it wasn't an animal hole. Tyler lives in the Old Mosley addition in Bullard. When her home was originally built, it was connected to a septic sewer system. Now, the home has since switched to the city system, but the tank was never taken out. Martha called a plumber the next day to come check it out.

"Well, he started to dig, and the dirt, it just caved in," said Tyler. "Then, I mean, it just went down. And, you know, we're just standing there kinda in awe."

It was a hole large enough to bury someone.

"It was about six feet deep," she said.

Tyler took a few shots of the hole with her phone before the plumber cleared the water out of the septic tank, filled it with asphalt and covered the hole with dirt. Now, she's safe, but "fair warning" to her neighbors.

"They've all got the same," she said. "They just better hope their lid doesn't crack and they don't fall through, haha."

Martha says the moral of her story is, if you see a big hole in your lawn, don't step on it. Just call a professional and see what's going on beneath the ground.

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