Moving Day for the Salvation Army

The residents of the Salvation Army say there's just nothing like your first meal in a new home.

The Salvation Army served the first hot-cooked meal ever Thursday in the Ornelas Center of Hope.

Until Thursday, residents of the lodge had breakfast, lunch and dinner in the gymnasium and disaster shelter, though it wasn't a cafeteria they made do.

But now, there's a real cafeteria, more meal options and residents couldn't be more thankful.

"I just love this place. It's so clean, and it's there's a lot more room and it's just really really nice," says Karl Crawford, Salvation Army resident. "You can feel the excitement among the clients."

Thursday was also moving day for Salvation Army residents and staff.  Now 200 East Texans can have a warm place to stay, instead of the previous 125 beds.

For better safety, there are separate dorm areas for women, children, and men.