Green light, red light, aww man!

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Ask any driver in Tyler, and they'll tell you what's wrong with traffic.

"The lights at the intersection and the people who are driving," said Brenda Williams, a Tyler driver. "I think the median has caused a lot of problems."

On the job four days, Peter Eng is the city's new traffic engineer with the unenviable job of dealing with traffic complaints.

"No traffic system is perfect and no signal lights are perfect, but my job is to do the best we can," said Eng.

In Tyler, traffic timing is everything, and it's the timing of signals that have a lot of motorists very upset.

"The light doesn't stay more than 10-15 seconds," said Sandy Guerin. "You can't get more than five cars through."

Loop 323 was designed to be smooth and give easy access for motorists, but...

"Why can't we have a green light for all the traffic that is going the same way," asked Guerin.

TxDOT medians have motorists angry over not being able to make U-turns.

"I think the medians have caused a lot of problems," said Guerin.

But, the city says they have significantly reduced head-on collisions. As far as lights go, most signals in Tyler are actuated, meaning...

"The signal light will sense approaching traffic and will change the time accordingly," explained Eng. "It's true that you have to drive slightly longer, but it's a whole lot safer."

The bottom line is Tyler traffic is still a work in progress.

"We certainly need to be safe and get where we want to go rather than get there in a hurry and not safely," said Eng.

The city has installed an APS system on Broadway, which measures traffic volume and adjust the timing of signals using real time and are currently working to implement the same system at two locations on Loop 323.

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