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Smith County jury deliberating in homeowner vs burglar case

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A Smith County jury is deliberating in the case of a man who shot and killed a burglar who was inside his home. The family of the burglar is suing Terry Graham, the homeowner, for the wrongful death of Joshua Chambers.

Thursday afternoon, attorneys on both sides gave impassioned closing arguments. Those representing graham arguing he was acting as any reasonable homeowner would, defending his property and himself. Attorney's for the chamber's family responded, calling graham's actions unnecessary and saying chamber's son and daughter would have fared better with a father in jail than without a father at all.

"They have gone through a lot and who put them through this? When it wasn't necessary," said Greg Porter, the plaintiff's attorney.

The Chambers family is asking Graham for $200,000 in damages. A small amount, plaintiff attorneys say, for the pain Chambers' loss has caused his ex-wife and two children. If Graham is required to pay, the civil suit would be the opposite result from the prior criminal trial where a Smith County grand jury failed to indict Graham for the death of Chambers.

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