Stolen Goods Seized

A clock, briefcase, camera and stereo...just a few stolen items seized after a woman tipped off Tyler police when her garage began filling up with the goods. "The wife of the suspect called the police because her husband has been bringing property into the house over a period of a couple weeks," Tells Det. Greg Roberts of the Tyler Police.

That call turned up close to $12 thousand dollars in stolen property and the main suspect, Hiran Joshua Chambers. Chamber is now linked to two recent home burglaries in Tyler. A link that might not have been made if it wasn't for one recovered item with a distinctive marking. "A flashlight," says Roberts. "The owner had inscribed his name on the base plate--and we were able to look in our computer system and someone reported a burglary."

It's a perfect example of why police say you should always make an identifying mark on personal items, especially the expensive ones. A monogram or even engraving a number will do and make sure you jot down serial numbers.

With a long list of goods still waiting to be claimed by it's owners...police say you'll have to provide them with that detailed description or serial number if you want to get the goods back into your hands. If you've like to check the list of recovered items for you belongings, call Detective Greg Roberts of the Tyler Police. That number is 535-0193.

Tyler police believe more suspects will be arrested in the coming days as a result of the items and arrest they've already made.