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Gift of Love: 3 little siblings looking for a home

By Jennifer Hines - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An afternoon at Chuck E Cheese had Akimbry, Destani and D'bari all smiles. The sibling group is looking for their forever family and a place to call home. The most outspoken of the bunch is 4-year-old Akimbry.

Orange is her favorite color. From an orange birthday cake to orange toys, she is all about anything orange.

"She is very loving," said Sara Watson, a caseworker. "She likes to give hugs. She's very active and sweet. She likes to care for her younger siblings. She's very protective of them."

Her wishes would be to go swimming and to have some toys. Akimbry loves school and likes to play with her friends. And, like most girls her age, dolls are her favorite. Akimbry's younger sister Destani is 2-years-old and very first.

"She's got to trust you before she opens up and plays with you," said Watson. "She is very sweet as well."

She is a loving girl that looks up to her old sister for direction. The youngest of the bunch is 1-year-old D'bari.

"He's a little mess," said Watson. "He's very active and very sweet. He really watches them and follows his older sisters and wants to be with them."

They also have an older brother who's is 14 that will not be adopted. It's important to them that their family helps them to stay in contact with him and help them continue that strong connection.

"They are going to need very active parents that are ready to take care of these three little ones," said Watson. "They are very close in age. They are very close and they want to be together. They are very well bonded. They have been together their whole life they've never been separated."

The sibling group has a strong bond and hope to find the gift of love together. If you'd like more information on Akimbry, Destani, and D'bari, call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.

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