What's in your food?

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - These days, most of us take our food for granted. We rip it open and trust our food is safe. Brenda Elrod, with the Public Health District, says America does have the safest food chain compared to the rest of the world.

"Any third world country where they're selling food on the street - we're just, no, we haven't built up an immunity," said Elrod.

But, there are some ingredients in our food that aren't listed.

"The Food and Drug Administration does allow for a minimal amount of insect or rodent parts in food product," explained Elrod. "You might pick up a piece of a grasshopper or a piece of an inchworm, but they should be so small you won't even see them you won't even realize they're there."

Elrod says samples are taken and batches checked to ensure our safety. And, something happening, like the toad or frog getting in your green beans is very rare.

"They have a system where they account for how much is in it, and if a manufacturer goes over that level then they're put on notice or the plant is shut down," said Elrod.

At home when washing, you need to have your own system in place, especially with fresh produce.

"You're going to have insect and rodent activity in the fields so that's why you have to wash your vegetables and that's why raw vegetables carry a little higher risk associated with them because of the fecal matter that might be on a potato that comes out of the ground."

Something you may not think about washing are bananas, but Elrod says it's a must.

"You really should wash your banana because as you peel that skin, you touch the skin and some people break a piece off the banana and feed themselves or touch the inner fruit."

It's a good reminder that will keep you healthy and safe. Elrod also says to remember, tiny pieces of matter in our food will keep your immunity strong.

Elrod says out of the billions of germs out there, there's only a handful that are really harmful and could make you sick. Properly washing and cooking your food should kill everything.

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