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Their blessing is all in a day's work

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - More than 150 young adults and teenagers from all over the country are in East Texas on a mission to help make some people's worlds a little better.

With every nail, World Changers hammer away. They're one step closer to making Dave Taylor Jr's home makeover dreams come true.

"If they had more people like this and organizations like that it probably be a better place," said Taylor. "God knows we needed that roof."

Taylor is one of 16 Longview homeowners who are having their roofs stripped.

"They redid that side over there," said Taylor. "They took it all off. Replace all the rotten boards."

The work is all thanks to young World Changers.

"They could have went swimming or whatever but they chose to do this here," said Taylor. "You don't find people like that no more, you know?"

Taylor and his wife fled to East Texas from Hurricane Katrina. He's says it changed his life and made him thankful for the little things.

"Me and my wife, we have been through a whole lot coming from Katrina and all," said Taylor. "We was in water waste deep in our house...waste deep! All I kept saying is that God gone brighten the sky back up and we goin' to get out of here."

Now, Taylor is just thankful for the young people who are helping to brighten his sky.

"Everybody isn't bad," said Taylor. "They still got some good people in the world but for somebody to do this and it's nothing but a blessing. I'm grateful. I'm real grateful for them."

This is the World Changers' second trip to Longview. They will be here hammering away on roofs until they head back home on Friday.

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