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Cheap Eats: Shrimp, chicken tenders and chicken fried steak

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

BROWNSBORO, TX (KLTV) - My first stop was at a restaurant that will fill you up with food just like mama used to make. It's located just a few minutes east of Tyler in Chandler. An email said Mama Toni's can fill you up for a fiver so I investigated.

"You get 12 butterfly shrimp, french fries and a vegetable and a drink for $5," said Toni Pool, owner. "That includes tax."

Filling even for the most frugal, it looked like a win to me!

My second stop took me to Overton at a pizza parlor. Right on the main drag, a tip lead me to AJ's Place. Their pizza looked good, but I was drawn to the lunch menu. You get a massive chicken fried steak sandwich, beans, and a soda for just $4.64.

Next up, I  headed west to Brownsboro where a historic building is hiding some solid deals. Y's Hometown Foods was the spot so I went inside and found a grocery store. I was about to lose hope when I spotted it...the grill.

You know it's a good menu when the biggest number you see is four. I chose the chicken tenders and talked to owner Dusty Wise about combining grill and grocery.

"We've got a nice little menu and we try to keep the prices low as we can on it," he said. "[We] keep it cheap and it's fast and easy for them."

Fast was right! The meal was packed up minutes later. Grab a soda off the shelf and you get two chicken tenders, fries, and a drink for only $3.50, making Y's Hometown Foods this week's Cheap Eats champion.

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Bonus Cheap Eat:

Charlie's BBQ
208 Commerce Street
Frankston, TX

Sliced Beef Sandwich, Beans, and a Drink

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